40 Weeks Pregnant

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40 Weeks Pregnant

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Your Body at 40 Weeks of Pregnancy

When labor has commenced it is important to go to the hospital where you are booked for delivery. As early labor can take a long time, particularly in your first pregnancy, try not to go in soon. It is often better to remain mobile at home at this early stage although you should discuss this with your delivery team at the time. As subsequent labors tend to be more efficient and shorter, you should probably avoid staying at home in later pregnancies.

When the time has finally come and you are in true labor, you should make your way to the hospital with your paced labor kit and hospital bag. If possible, wash your hair and do your nails before you leave home, as you never know when you will get the opportunity to perform these essential tasks again and you will want to look your best for the photos following the delivery. Interestingly, this grooming behavior is more common before the first birth than for subsequent ones.

Your Baby at 40 Weeks of Pregnancy

The baby’s skin is now smooth and the fine lanugo hair, which previously covered it entirely , is no largely confined to the shoulders. The skin is still covered by the greasy vernix caseosa, which both facilitates the birth process and helps keep the baby warm after delivery. The baby’s head is also covered by a varying amount of hair. The skull bones are now somewhat firmer, although the gaps between them (the fontanelles) are still open. The one at the front can be felt as a soft diamond-shaped depression and the one at the back is a Y-shape groove. These allow the obstetrician or midwife to determine the position of the head during labor.

The head is now in proportion to the body, measuring approximately one-quarter of the body’s length. The eyes are open, the nose is well formed and the ears stand out from the head. The genitals are also well formed and in the male fetus the testes should be in the scrotum.

Your baby weighs 3.5 kg and measures approximately 52 cm.
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