37 Weeks Pregnant

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37 Weeks Pregnant

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Your Body at 37 Weeks of Pregnancy

This is the time you should start to pack your bag for that inevitable trip to the hospital or birth center. Include special things that you may need in labor, plus items required for your postnatal stay.

With your progressively reduced tolerance for exercise and increasing difficulty sleeping at night, an afternoon nap is also becoming essential. This is a good habit to develop as you will be feeding during the night in the near future and an afternoon catch-up nap will help you cope with the inevitable sleep deprivation. Increasing rest with your feet up also helps reduce ankle swelling and discomfort during these last few days or weeks of pregnancy.

Your Baby at 37 Weeks of Pregnancy

Your baby now measures around 48 cm an weighs around 2.8 kg. Fetal movement is now beginning to diminish because conditions in the womb are becoming increasingly cramped. However, as long as you can feel the baby wiggle or bump during the day, everyday, you can feel secure in the knowledge that it remains healthy and strong.
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