36 Weeks Pregnant

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36 Weeks Pregnant

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Your Body at 36 Weeks of Pregnancy

Most expecting mothers who have been working up to this point finally give up. If you still think you’re ok with it – it would be a good idea to quit or take maternity leave as soon as possible. You will need the extra rest as your body will be exhausted by the weight and nights of difficult sleep. Take this as a holiday on your own at home just relaxing and getting ready for your new family member. This domestic activity is called ‘nesting’ and is most pronounced in the first pregnancy. You may feel that you need to clean and reorganize everything.

This is a magical time in many ways, particularly if you have just left the workforce for the first time in order to set up a home for your new family. This activity will probably generate and escalating sense of excitement as the concept of motherhood rapidly becomes a reality.

Your partner will also share this excitement but not perhaps with the same sense of fear as you. Although your relationship is likely to grow closer during this time, it may become less physical; sexual activity may become less comfortable and even rather scary. ‘What if we hurt the baby?’ is a common concern. Fortunately, it is very unlikely to cause any harm, however you will need to modify your technique to avoid penetration. Do keep in mind that once the waters break – intercourse should be completely stopped.

Although you may be feeling increasingly unattractive as your pregnancy progresses, the converse is often true. At this stage of pregnancy you may be particularly radiant. Your altered body contours may be uniquely appealing to your partner.

Your Baby at 36 Weeks of Pregnancy

The baby by now measures approximately 46 cm and weighs about 2.5 kg. The baby’s hearing is now mature and it is approaching the end of the maximum growth phase. The amount of subcutaneous fat is increasing, giving the baby a more rotund appearance, especially around the face and shoulders, rather than the previous wrinkled look. The fingernails now reach the end of the fingers. If the baby was to be born now the baby will have well over a 90 per cent chance of intact survival.
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