35 Weeks Pregnant

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35 Weeks Pregnant

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Your Body at 35 Weeks of Pregnancy

Your uterus at 35 weeks has reached the bottom of your ribcage and may cause some discomfort. You may begin to find it difficult to maintain your balance. Now it is extremely important to discard high heels if you haven’t already. You might also need to throw your shoulders back in order to counter the weight of your uterus.

At this point of your pregnancy, your ankles are likely to swell now because of the excess weight; however you will have difficulty seeing them. You are now starting to feel more and more like a beached whale. It is also becoming increasingly difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position, hence distracting your sleep. As fetal activity is also most prominent in the early hours of the morning and your baby’s vigor is increasing, despite the diminishing room, you may awake with a start following a swift kick to the gall bladder.

During this week or the next you will have your final blood tests – a full blood count to exclude anemia as well as a repeat antibody test if your are Rhesus negative.

Your Baby at 35 Weeks of Pregnancy

Fetal behavior is now becoming more structured, with definite rest activity cycles alternating with defined episodes of increased movement that last up to 20 minutes.

This week your baby weighs 2.4 kg and measures approximately 44 cm.
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