34 Weeks Pregnant

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34 Weeks Pregnant

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Your Body at 34 Weeks of Pregnancy

From 34 weeks, it will not be a sensible idea to travel long distances from home, particularly not by aircraft, as labor my start at any time and you don’t want to be miles away from your doctor or hospital. If you do urgently need to travel so far, it is very important to discuss this with your doctor. If you are planning to go by air, your doctor will need to give you a note to allow permission. Most airlines do not allow pregnant women to travel towards the end of pregnancy.

You Baby at 34 Weeks of Pregnancy

Some doctors at this time organize a routine scan to assess the size and condition of the fetus. When there is a risk of growth retardation of fetal compromise due to maternal illnesses, such as diabetes or hypertension, your doctor may perform this scan every second week and even more frequently towards term. As there will be no known detrimental effects of ultrasound examination on the baby this is considered perfectly safe; however, this technology should only be used when clinically indicated.

Your baby now should be weighing around 2.3 Kg and measuring around 42 cm.
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