Episode 1: Rebels - Introduction

From Jamestown to Plymouth, early settlers fight for survival. Tobacco sows the seeds of opportunity; the north becomes a powerhouse of trade. Tension, taxation and resistance explode into war as the rebels take on the might of the British Empire. Washington's army is near defeat, but new weapons and battle tactics turn the tide. Forged through revolution, a new nation is born.

Episode 1: Rebels - Introduction

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Terms to Know:
Before or after watching this episode, encourage students to define and review the terms below. Students may also want to make their own lists of new vocabulary words and identification terms as they watch.

    The Proclamation Line

Episode 1: Rebels
Introduction In 1607 a small group of English travelers lands in Jamestown. Thirteen years later, religious Puritans settle in New England. These men and women are all driven by the promise of a new life; they face the perils of disease, starvation and war with native groups.

They are very different, yet in time both grow. One man’s entrepreneurial dream, tobacco, and the backbreaking work of the first African slaves, turn the disease-ridden swamps of the South into a land of opportunity. The hardworking and resourceful Puritans forge the North into a trading powerhouse with shipbuilding at its core. Yet success and wealth prompt British jealousy, taxation, resistance and then war.

This is the story of how, over 20 generations, a group of English subjects survive against all odds, and then ignite a revolution against the colonial power of Great Britain. A diverse group of men, women and children are on the path to becoming Americans.

Discussion Questions:
1. What was the Powhatan Confederacy and how did this group interact with the British settlers?

2. What were the most difficult challenges faced by the Plymouth and Jamestown settlers?
Do you think they could have done anything to prepare more adequately for life in the Americas?

3. What role did disease play in encounters between native groups and the first British settlers?

4. Who was Prince Estabrook and what was his contribution to American history?

5. In this episode, America is referred to as a “social experiment.” What do you think this phrase means? Do you think the “experiment” is still ongoing?
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