Season 5 (2014–15)

The Walking Dead Season 5

Season 5 (2014–15)

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The group successfully escapes Terminus when Carol arrives undetected and creates a diversion. Reunited with Tyreese and Judith, the group runs into and rescues a local reverend, Gabriel Stokes, from a pack of walkers. He leads them back to his well-barricaded church, where Eugene reveals his knowledge of a top secret biochemical weapon that can kill every living being on the planet. Eugene says he believes he can tweak it to target walkers instead. Bob Stookey is kidnapped by Gareth, who with his group of cannibals, eats Bob's leg. Bob reveals that he has been bitten by a walker, causing them to return him to Rick and the group. Daryl and Carol are assumed missing; they previously departed to chase after a car that Daryl believes was involved in Beth's disappearance.

The Terminus cannibals make it into the church but are soon killed by Rick and some others. Bob dies the next morning, with Sasha at his side; Tyreese stops him from turning. Tara, Glenn, and Maggie depart with Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene in a bus, headed for Washington, D.C., while the rest of the group remains at the church. When the bus crashes, the group decides to continue north. While camped in a library, Eugene reveals to Tara that he purposely sabotaged the bus, fearing he would be abandoned if he failed to abolish the epidemic. The following morning, the group continues traveling in a fire truck but are eventually forced to stop after spotting hordes of walkers. During an argument about how they should proceed, Eugene reveals that he lied about his knowledge of a cure and fabricated the mission in order to convince others to help him stay alive. Abraham beats him unconscious.

Beth awakens in a hospital located in downtown Atlanta, greeted by Officer Dawn Lerner and Dr. Steven Edwards. Beth soon meets hospital worker Noah, and the two attempt to escape; Beth is recaptured while Noah slips away. Meanwhile, Daryl and Carol are stranded in Atlanta while searching for Beth; they deduce that she is being held at Grady Memorial Hospital. Camped near the hospital, they encounter Noah, who confirms Beth's whereabouts. The hospital's police are then attracted, and they capture Carol after hitting her with their car. Daryl and Noah head back to the church to enlist help. Rick, Trees, and Sasha accompany Daryl and Noah to Atlanta to rescue Carol and Beth, while Michonne, Carl, Gabriel, and Judith remain at the church. Gabriel escapes into the woods, unintentionally leading a horde of walkers back to the church. The horde is then locked inside the church as Abraham's group returns; when Michonne informs them of the rescue mission, they depart for Atlanta.

Meanwhile, in Atlanta, Rick's group captures three hospital police officers to make a trade; one of the police officers escapes but is soon run down and killed by Rick. At the hospital the trade is completed successfully, but Dawn demands Noah's return; Noah voluntarily complies in order to avoid a firefight. Appalled by the demand, Beth confronts Dawn and stabs her in the shoulder, resulting in Dawn's reflexively shooting Beth in the head. Daryl kills Dawn and carries Beth's body outside the hospital, where they are united with Abraham's group.

Throughout the first half of the season, Morgan Jones is seen following Rick's trail. He finds Rick's warning about Terminus, before following a trail to the church left by Gareth and the cannibals on the hunt for Rick's group. At the church, Morgan is surprised to find Abraham's written note addressed to his friend, "Rick Grimes".

Seventeen days after Beth's death, Rick, Glenn, Michonne, and Tyreese travel to Richmond, Virginia with Noah to reunite him with his family, in order to honor Beth. When they arrive, they discover that it is overrun. Tyreese searches Noah's house, is bitten on the arm, and later dies. The rest of the group, reunited buries Tyreese and says their goodbyes. Convinced by Michonne, the group continues on to Washington,though low on supplies. While staying in a barn, Maggie and Sasha come upon a man named Aaron who claims he is a "friend" bringing good news and wishes to speak to their group leader. Aaron tells the group he is from the Alexandria safe zone and shows them pictures, trying to convince them to join him. Rick, however is still very untrusting. After Michonne convinces Rick to go, the group heads towards the safe zone. Aaron is reunited with his lover, Eric, along the way. The next morning, the group travels to Alexandria and arrives at the gates, feeling relaxed.

After entering the gates, each member is interviewed by Deanna, the leader of the Safe Zone, and are asked to surrender their weapons. The group is given two neighboring houses to live in. Deanna assigns Rick and Michonne to be Alexandria's constables, and Daryl is later assigned to be a recruiter. While settling in, Rick grows attracted to a married woman named Jessie. Meanwhile, Rick assigns Carol to retrieve their guns. Carol retrieves several pistols and offers them to Rick and Daryl, but Daryl refuses his, saying he feels the residents mean them no harm. Rick hesitantly takes a pistol.

While on a supply run, Aiden and Noah are killed; meanwhile Carol grows suspicious of Pete abusing his wife, leading to him and Rick getting into a brawl. Rick nearly kills Pete and threatens bystanders before Michonne knocks him unconscious. Previously, Maggie had overheard Father Gabriel telling Deanna that Rick and his group are demons who can't be trusted. Deanna announces that there will be a meeting that evening to talk about what to do with Rick, while Pete is forced to live in another home. Daryl and Aaron open a food truck, only for it to be revealed as a trap set by The Wolves, which leads to them finding refuge in a car that becomes swarmed by walkers. Morgan appears and after showing Daryl the map from the church with Rick's name, joins them on their way back to Alexandria. Meanwhile, Nicholas attempts to murder Glenn outside the walls but fails, with Glenn sparing his life. Gabriel accidentally leaves the gate open which allows walkers to roam in. Rick notices and hunts down and kills the walkers before heading to the meeting. Rick tells the community that they will change to survive in this world when Pete shows up with Michonne's katana. Reg tries to calm him down, which results in Pete accidentally slitting his throat. A crying Deanna then tells Rick to "do it" and he kills Pete. Morgan, Daryl and Aaron arrive just in time to witness the execution with Morgan and Rick staring at one another.
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