Season 1 (2010)

The Walking Dead Season 1

Season 1 (2010)

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Sheriff's deputy Rick Grimes is shot and wounded in an altercation with criminals. He awakens from a coma in an abandoned and badly-damaged hospital. Rick leaves the hospital and discovers an apocalyptic world overrun with zombies, colloquially called "walkers" and "biters". He returns to his house to find his wife and son missing, and meets survivors Morgan Jones and Morgan's son Duane, who take Rick in and explain the situation. Rick arms himself and travels to Atlanta, Georgia, wherein the CDC is said to have set up a quarantined safe zone within the city. Instead, he discovers the city has been overrun by walkers and soon finds himself surrounded by them. After being rescued by Glenn Rhee, Rick meets part of Glenn's group hiding in a nearby department store. Walkers overrun the store, forcing the group to leave Merle Dixon, an unstable and violent member of the group whom Rick had handcuffed to a drain pipe on the roof.

A few miles outside Atlanta, Rick's wife Lori and son Carl have been hiding with Shane Walsh, Rick's police partner and best friend. Rick does not know they were part of the other half of Glenn's group. Shane unintentionally misleads Lori to believe Rick is dead. Thinking herself a widow, Lori begins an affair with Shane.

Rick reunites with the group at the camp and begins sharing the command with Shane. Rick decides to return to Atlanta with Glenn, T-Dog, and Merle's younger brother Daryl, to rescue Merle and collect a cache of guns Rick had left behind. They discover that Merle had fled after sawing off his hand. They arrive back at the camp to find it under attack by walkers. Several group members are killed, including Carol's abusive husband Ed, and Amy and Jim are bitten. The group decides to travel to the CDC headquarters in Atlanta in hopes of finding answers and a possible cure for Jim.

At the CDC, only one staff member, Dr. Edwin Jenner, remains. Everyone else has either fled or committed suicide. Dr. Jenner explains that he continued researching the pandemic but has been unable to find a cure. Lack of fuel for the emergency generators soon initiates building safety protocols designed to destroy the facility and prevent the escape of deadly diseases. Dr. Jenner and a member of Rick's group, Jacqui, have lost all hope and decide to remain inside. Before Rick and the others escape, Dr. Jenner whispers something into Rick's ear. Rick's face registers shock. Rick, Lori, Carl, Daryl, Carol, Glenn, T-Dog, Dale, and Andrea escape seconds before an explosion incinerates the CDC.
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