26 Weeks Pregnant

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26 Weeks Pregnant

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Your Body at 26 Weeks of Pregnancy

You uterus now reaches to one or two finger-breadths above the level of your navel.

You might not have much restful sleeps now, and you may be having vivid and scary dreams. When you sleep, your subconscious becomes a staging area for your fears and insecurities about pregnancy and impeding motherhood. Your baby’s activity is reassuring but sometimes a lack of activity may worry you. Each baby has different movement patterns, but if you are concerned about your baby’s movement, or if you feel the movements have decreased in frequency o intensity, discuss it with your GP or midwife or doctor at your next antenatal visit.

If your doctor previously screened you for pregnancy anemia (a deficiency of red blood cells), you may be screened again around this time. Many women develop a mild anemia because of normal changes in their bodies.

Your Baby at 26 Weeks of Pregnancy

Your baby still looks wrinkly, but will continue you to gain weight steadily in proportion with skin growth over the next 14 weeks until birth. The baby’s weight is around 680-750 g which is about 25 percent of its expected birth weight at full term. Three quarters of the baby’s final birth weight will be put on in the last 14 weeks. To support the fetus’s growing body, the spine is getting stronger and suppler. Although no longer than the span of the average adult hand, it is now made up of 150 joints and around 1000 ligaments. Your baby measures around 25 cm now.

The baby can now inhale, exhale and even cry. Fetal brain scans at 26 weeks show that your baby now responds to touch. If you shine a light on your abdomen, your baby may turn its head. Researchers say this shows some functioning of the retina and optic nerve.

Depending on racial background some babies will be born with blue or grey-blue eyes which may change color in the first six months of life. Some babies may be born with brown or dark eyes. Eyelashes are growing in, as is more hair on the head.

Your partner may now easily be able to feel the baby’s movements, and if you’re lucky he may be able to hear the baby’s heart beat when his ear is pressed against your uterus.

If your baby were born now it would have about an 80 per cent chance of survival and only a 20 to 30 per cent chance of disability. Only a third of these disabilities would adversely affect quality of life for the baby.
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